DND Director

The most unique and advanced app for extending the capabilities of your iOS Do Not Disturb feature! Now you can take complete control over when and where you want to silence your incoming calls.

The iOS Do Not Disturb feature is a great way to control when you want to silence your device. But when it comes to scheduling, you’re only provided a single begin and end time to specify. With DND Director, you can now create as many events as you want to silence individual callers, groups or everyone whenever you need to!

Schedule when to activate your Do Not Disturb settings*. Use the DND Director’s built-in calendaring features to extend the iOS Do Not Disturb scheduling by setting-up calendar events with start and stop times, including which groups you want to allow or suppress calls. Scheduled DND Director events will appear on your built-in Calendar, so you can even use DND Director for scheduling both DND Director and non-DND Director events.


  • Create unlimited DND Director-enabled events
  • Schedule recurring DND Director-enabled events, including daily, weekly, monthly and yearly events
  • Create groups of callers such as family, friends, co-workers, etc to allow or suppress calls. Select which group to enable at the start and/or end of a scheduled event
  • Create locations to allow or suppress callers based on your favorite locations. At work and need to silence your calls from your friends and send them straight to voicemail?